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With the "Fading Identities" series of work, I make 20 colorations of each design.  I am now offering commissions for purchase with the color palette you suggest.  Every single painting, 1-20, will be completely unique in it's hand painted color palette and vary slightly in design, due to the nature of the process.

Outside of the selections you can make to the product, I offer the following variants, as well:

Additional options available:

1) Paint the background a different color than gesso white. Some potential ideas include: fluorescent, glitter, gold flakes, resined layer of paint to separate painting from background. Price will vary based on your desired application.

2) Frame the work at Harris Framing Company next door to us.  Harris Framing Company will give me a quote for your order and upon payment, they will start constructing the frame.  The artwork will be framed and ready for pickup when we schedule the final pickup time.  Typically, Michael takes 2-4 weeks to frame artworks, due to the high demand of his exquisite services.  We would want to place the order immediately in order to not delay your product's arrival.


Here's how to order one of these commissions:

Step 1)  Find the product "COMMISSION - *your celebrity name* and select the options you desire, then add it to your cart.  (example: COMMISSION - Houdini)

Step 2) Make sure to put in your current email when checking out.

Step 3) Upon confirmation of payment, I will e-mail you to figure out what colors you are wanting your portrait to be.  If any additional services are desired, a quote for additional services will be sent now to be paid upon approval.

Step 4) The painting will take 2-4 weeks to complete.  We will then schedule a pickup if you are local, or I will mail the artwork to you.  *Make sure to choose the right shipping option in checkout.

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